Welcome to Salad—
Your computer
does the work.
You get paid.

Imagine waking up and discovering a new game in your Steam library, ready to download.
Imagine coming home to piles of gift cards, from Amazon to Netflix, Hulu; you name it.
Image being able to help your favorite charity, without dipping into your daily budget.

Salad makes all this possible; and the best part? All you have to do is leave your computer on.

Download. Run. Win.

Putting your PC to work with Salad is as
easy as:

1. Downloading the app
2. Running Salad while your rig is idle
3. Redeeming awesome loot

Bag the Latest
Gaming Loot

Remember idling for hats? Salad works similarly, allowing you to earn rewards at the push of a button. With Salad, you can bring home sweet loot like:

Plus, we’re constantly adding new items to our reward carousel. Check here to see what we’ve got in the hopper.

How It Works

Salad helps gamers tap into a powerful (yet often idle) resource: their gaming PC. These machines are fitted with high-end hardware that can handle the latest AAA titles. However, that same processing power can be used for much more just than rendering graphics. Your computer can help train AIs through deep learning, assist geneticists in sequencing the genome, and support the blockchain by verifying transactions.

Salad connects gamers and their capable hardware to industries that are starved for computing power. Data scientists, investors, and programmers across the world have projects that go unfulfilled due to the scarcity and expense of data processing centers. With blockchain as our impetus, Salad hopes to bridge this gap and enable our users to make money and lend their GPUs to the latest research and innovations.

No Hacks, No Cheats…
So What’s the Catch?

Our mission is to empower gamers to take back their GPUs and therefore trust, safety, and transparency are our top priorities. Salad employs state of the art cyber security solutions to protect your data, your gaming PC, and your privacy. We will never collect your information and sell it to a third party- that ain’t how we make bank.

In case you’re concerned, we detail our business model in this post, which explains that we’re not here to skim off the top or sell data. Our rewards are often obtained at wholesale prices, which allows us to both pass these savings onto the user and retain a profit margin for Salad.

The only catch right now is that electricity rates, especially for users in Europe and some states in the US, don’t match up favorably with Salad. Therefore, Salad may not be for you—and that’s okay. Just be sure to check out our FAQ and make an informed decision before jumping straight into the kitchen.