How Salad Empowers Gamers To Reclaim Their GPUs And Make Money

Guest Post by Ramses Castillo

Have you ever wanted to get some extra juice out of your expensive gaming computer? Do you leave her on 24/7 even when you aren’t gaming? What if you could use that idle computing time to help out charity? To get some game credits and codes? Or even some sweet new hardware to upgrade your computer… or enhance your experience with a new headset?

That’s where Salad comes in. Just download the software from, and you will be on your way to getting more out of your computer when you aren’t using it! Follow along as we walkthrough the app features and get you on your way to earning some rewards for your computer’s processing power!



Salad is an app build by gamers for gamers, and as we all know, there’s no better way to track progress than a XP bar. There’s no better thrill than chasing that next level to get extra stats, unlock an amazing skill, or finally be able to go to the next area!

You can expect to easily be able to track your experience points and level when using Salad. Enabling you to compete with your friends and track your progress, since as you earn XP you will be unlocking more rewards — plus, you’ll be able to refer your friends and get a nice bonus when they join.


After downloading the application from and creating an account, this is the screen you will receive after you log in!

On the left you have the Salad method of tracking your experience, your computer will be chopping fruits and vegetables to slowly earn experience and rewards.

To start earning experience, all you have to do is click the start button on the top and your computer will automatically begin to earn you XP and credits to claim rewards in the future.

As you earn experience and level up, you will chop different fruits and vegetables with increasing difficulty, but fear not! It doesn’t change the amount of credits you earn towards your next reward!

On the right side of the screen you will find a wheel with all the amazing rewards you can earn by chopping Salad, the rewards range from store credits, games, DLCs, charity donations and even computer hardware! By clicking a reward you will be able to select it and track your progress towards earning it! As you can see I’m currently 61% towards being able to unlock Bioshock Infinite and redeeming it with my credits!


How does the magic happen?

You might be asking yourself right now: “where does the money to reward the users come from?” Well currently, the money comes from signing transactions on the Ethereum network (cryptocurrency mining), but the team is working hard to expand the horizons to different sorts of activities like helping researchers do genome sequencing and machine learning. Imagine a future where your gaming PC can help make the world a better place and earn you rewards at the same time! Salad makes this possible.

In this day and age, security and privacy are on the minds of every internet user, and the team behind Salad knows that. When using Salad, all of your information is encrypted and safe. No one from the outside will be able to access your computer or information, and the team is willing to take any measures to keep its users safe.


In the not too distant future there are plans to integrate a leaderboard into the app and you will be able to track your progress against your friends and other salad users!

But what you can do right now to speed up your progress towards earning those rewards, is inviting your friends to join Salad. You will earn a $5.00 bonus for each friend that you get into the app, but only after they reach 720xp. This goal is pretty reachable, especially if your friend has a decent gaming pc with a good GPU. Right now to refer your friends you have to do it through their discord server but eventually it will be done through the app as well.

Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough, and feel free to ask the Salad team any questions you may have at their website or through their live chat service!