What is your Computer Worth?

Spoiler alert: the answer may be much more than you think.

Gaming PCs are bloody valuable. How do you put a price on pwning n00bs, raiding bosses, leveling up, or even rage-quitting because of shit-tier mechanics… PCs are awesome, but they can do so much more for you than just run games — this is what we’re working on at Salad.

Between gaming sessions, most of us have to eat, sleep, work (and occasionally shower) — time where our PCs sit idle yearning for action. For most people this nets out to 22 hours per day! It’s a little-known fact that your PC and its muscly GPU is also a money-making machine. The processing power in your rig is worth big-bikkies, and we’re on a mission to be the safest, easiest and most trusted way for you to tap into this value. Queue Salad –

Salad utilizes your idle computing power to grind out loot like skins, in-game credits, steam codes, subscriptions, gift cards and more: download our application, run it, get loot — it’s that simple. In the background we use your GPU to support the Ethereum blockchain network, solving cryptographic problems and verifying transactions, a.k.a. crypto mining. In the future, we plan to bring you 10x value by supporting AI inference trainingedge computing and other high-performance computing problems.

We don’t take margins from your crypto-mining efforts, 0% folks. Sounds fishy right? Well relax, it’s not. We shop deals and buy wholesale to bring you loot at great prices, whilst letting us earn a percentage to feed ourselves. If this ever changes, our community will be the first to know — and you’ll notice that some loot we’re working on incorporating (like PayPal credits) will cost you more than they’re worth, i.e. you’ll have to chop $10.50 worth of Salad to get $10 PayPal… like I said, here at Salad we do need to eat.

Another thing you should know about Salad — we have no interest your personal data, none. You could be Mickey Mouse for all we care. Our goal is to help you max out the value of your PC, and we’re repulsed by all the funny business of data mining and user tracking. The integrity of our company and platform is paramount, so much so that we use auth0 to manage all our user accounts and the storage of personal data; and any money you’ve earned by chopping Salad is safely stored in our bank account — no hot wallets at Salad. We’ll never sell or share your data, the only purpose it serves is knowing who to dish out the goods to!

So who is Salad? We’re a brick and mortar business based in the US and we’ve got the paperwork and the office to prove it. We’re a bloody passionate team of 7, diverse in background and each supporting a charity of our choosing through the Salad application. Our code is signed by Comodo CA, we’re funded by local venture capitalists, we’re a 1% for the Planet company (who can audit our books) and soon we plan to open source our application. Our goal as a company is to earn the respect of the gaming community, no small task!

For us to maximize the worth of your gaming PC, perhaps the biggest challenge we face is gaining your trust. We rely on you to guide us on this journey, so I encourage everyone in the Salad community to not be bashful — speak up and tell us how we can do better! Give us an earful on discord or reddit!

So ask yourself, what’s your computer worth this month? Is it a $10 steam gift card, offsetting your carbon footprint, a month of Netflix, or a game code on steam? Perhaps Metal Gear Solid V? Be the best boss a computer could ask for, download Salad and find out!

Happy Chopping!
Bob — your fellow Salad Chef