Is Salad safe for my computer? (Yes)

Salad is not only safe, but it’s also healthy for your Gaming PC. It’s a common misperception that your PC shouldn’t run 24/7. However, graphics cards are designed to run smoothly and continuously for an entire year. Overheating is due to dust, mechanical failures, manufacturing mistakes, and other issues.

What are you using my GPU for?

We’re working on multiple methods of using your gaming PC’s processing power, but the initial application is verifying blockchain transactions (aka mining). Later, we hope to ply your GPU towards high-value activities like genome sequencing and machine learning.

How much can I earn with Salad?

This highly depends on your computer hardware and how much time you dedicate to earning rewards with Salad. Make sure to check your earnings with Salad versus your local electricity rates, as this will directly impact your profit margin.


The home of Salad Chefs everywhere- come join us on our Discord channel for gaming, streaming, chat support, and just to hang out with fellow Salad enthusiasts. Our server is quite active, and the best place to chat with the devs and get help on support issues in real time.


If you’d prefer to try to fix issues yourself, Zendesk is where you’ll find a treasure trove of useful information. It houses both our full FAQ and bug reporting module. If you run into trouble, you can always live chat our support representatives through Zendesk as well (bottom right corner).