Salad offers the latest in PC hardware, game codes, gift cards, and an ever evolving carousel of rewards. Check out some of the top items redeemable today:

Bioshock Infinite: $9.95
Logitech G502: $45.00
Minecraft Pickaxe: $15.99

Plus gift cards for Steam, Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, and more. And for chefs who want to give back to their communities, we offer several donation platforms to choose from.

Game Credits
& Codes

Whether you’re looking for the best deals on game codes, or just want to pad your Steam wallet, Salad has you covered. Our app offers games at discount prices (great if you missed the latest sale or humble bundle) and turns your GPU’s power into credits you can apply towards titles not featured in the reward carousel.

PC Hardware
& Peripherals

We know that a good gaming headset or gaming chair can make a world of difference while playing with your friends. With Salad you can save up for that shiny new Logitech G430 without having to break the bank. Download the app now and start putting money toward the top gaming accessories on the market.

Digital Gift

Salad offers a way for gamers to translate their raw processing power into real purchasing power. Through the app, you can stockpile digital gift cards for Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, and more. Download Salad and grow your hoard of cash that you can count on.


Help foster a positive impact in the community through donating your Salad earnings to nonprofits and charities handpicked by the Salad Technologies team. Use your GPU to help protect the environment, provide children with healthcare, and more. Download the app today to start giving back.

Coming Soon

Salad is just now getting in the kitchen, and there’ll be many changes to the reward carousel as we get feedback from our chefs. We’re always on the lookout to add new hardware, peripherals, and games. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, send us feedback in the app, or come chat with us on the SaladChefs Discord, we’d love to hear from you!