The Kitchen

Salad was founded in 2018 and is based in Salt Lake City, UT. We aim to build the foundational layer of computational resources (PC power) for Web 3.0—in other words, we want to democratize the internet, and we're enlisting the aid of gamers worldwide to do it.

For more on our mission and what we do here at Salad, check out our CEO's article concerning Salad and the future of the world wide web. To see what we actually do at the office, watch this vid.

We aim to be the easiest and most trusted way to share idle compute resources.

The Salad Brand

The best types of solutions involve more than one brilliant individual. The concerted and combined effort of a group of brilliant people can change the world. Too much?

But really, we think the heart of problem-solving is collaboration: a principle that’s all about us.

(You know what we mean.)

More About Our Brand
1.Install Salad; 2.Mine Crypto or Complete Offers; 3.Earn Balance; 4.Redeem Rewards

The Chefs

We are the peeps who keep the Salad fresh.




Brand Director


Director of Channel Partners


Director of Product


Director of Engineering


Discord Moderator
Technical Support


Lead Discord Moderator
Streaming Support


Front End Engineer


Sr. Product Manager

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Salad Technologies
26 S Rio Grande St. #2072
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
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