Enjin, Ubisoft, And How Blockchain And Gaming Collided At GDC 2019

As a prelude to our next article, How Blockchain Will Change Gaming Forever, we’re bringing you the latest tidbits of blockchain tech news from the 2019 Game Developers Conference. Our own Tim Clancy was a resident engineer for Enjin’s GDC booth. Enjin has been making big waves for blockchain incorporation in games, with incredible milestones like:

Ubisoft, who’s already shown interest in exploring use cases for blockchain, also held a seminar about how they’re investigating multiple ways for blockchain technology to be implemented in games. The times sure are a’ changin, aren’t they?

Sadly, we’re gonna have to wait a month to get all the juicy footage out of this year’s GDC. Once we have it, we’ll edit this post to share it. Until then, sate your craving with this awesome sneak peak of the Enjin GDC booth (can you spot Tim?):

In our article, we’ll delve deeper into why blockchain (and especially Ethereum) will revolutionize gaming through digital ownership. Gamer’s relationship to their in-game items can be radically changed from the intangible abstraction it is today, to a functional piece of digital property in the near future. We hope you join us, happy chopping chefs!