Running Salad

Salad empowers users to tap into your machine’s earning potential. Why let your GPU’s processing power sit idle while you’re away, when it could be working to earn you money? Luckily, chopping Salad is easy, low maintenance, and only a quick download away. Here’s how to start:

1. Download & install Salad on your computer
2. Run Salad while you aren’t playing games
3. Redeem your balance for awesome loot

Security &

With Salad, your gaming PC becomes an even more valuable asset- and like other assets, it needs to be protected. We take a three pronged approach to bolster user’s security and ensure their privacy.


Your data is encrypted,
preventing outside access

User Privacy

Your data will never be sold to
a third party

User Protection

We use top cyber security to
keep your info safe

Security is of the utmost importance to us, and we will take any measures necessary to protect our users.

Your GPU

Your GPU is an incredibly powerful piece of machinery, albeit a somewhat limited one. Graphics Cards perform what are, essentially, math problems over and over again at blindingly fast speeds. The more powerful your GPU, the more solutions it can churn out.

Salad uses your GPU in the same way a game does, the only difference is that Far Cry 5 wants it to process particle physics equations, whereas we verify blockchain transactions (mining). Through blockchain technology, we hope to piece together a GPU network that researchers and programmers can use for genome sequencing and machine learning.