SaladBar provides blockchain teams with white-knight hashpower and network seeding.

  • Massive, elastic defence against 51% attacks
  • Plug-and-play network seeding with decentralized infrastructure
  • 1000's of unique machines supplied by individual actors
  • Geographical distribution around the globe

About Salad

Salad's open-source mining client helps gamers easily convert their PC downtime into things they really want: games, gift cards, subscriptions, and other digital content. Salad's incentive model allows our network of 1000's of powerful gaming PCs to be workload agnostic: we can deliver tens to thousands of workers or nodes to seed or decentralize your blockchain protocol.


Turbocharge your blockchain explorer metrics

Adoption is hard, it's one of the key challenges faced by the crypto community. Teams looking to launch new blockchain networks face enormous time, effort, and cost when it comes to rolling out decentralized infrastructure to support new protocols. Fostering a community to support your network is difficult, this is where Salad can help!

We have 1000's of unique machines owned by 1000's of individuals ready to power your protocol.

Where Salad Adds Value

Proof of Work
If your network needs sheer processing power to add to your hashpower Salad has TeraFLOPs of processing power ready to go.

Proof of Authority
If you're looking for decentralized nodes to power your PoA network, Salad has 100's of individual actors with uptime history and established trust ratings.

Protocol Spotlight
Since launching in 2019 Salad has built a strong community with a Discord server 20k strong and a mailing list with more than 125k existing miners, gamers, and crypto early adopters!

Save time, energy, and cost, by seeding your network with Salad.

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