SaladPay allows PC Gamers to make purchases on your website without a credit card.

  • • Increases conversion & allows visitors to earn purchases
  • • Removes minimum-purchase restrictions
  • • Reduces fraud with no chargebacks
  • • Provides Lump sum vendor payments with detailed sales reports

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About Salad

Salad’s application provides gamers with money-to-spend by using their PCs to support blockchain networks. Our application is open-source and trusted by a vocal community of more than 50,000 registered users.


An entirely new way to pay

1000’s of gamers are online right now generating $5 to $30 per month with Salad. Until now, most of these gamers could not be your customer because they do not have access to a credit card.

SaladPay unlocks these new customers.

The User Journey

1. Sign into Salad account from checkout page

2. Review order details and purchase amount

3. Order confrimation & Salad Balance deduction

Easy to implement. Easier to accept.

Simple Integration

SaladPay can be injected into your website with as little as 12 lines of code and works alongside existing payment gateways.

Fast, Easy Checkout

SaladPay supports checkout from your existing shopping cart and a simple API provides rapid transaction reporting.

Beautiful Design

Salad provides all graphic assets for SaladPay and can provide custom design tailored to your e-commerce website.

Built-in Support

Salad handles all customer support for SaladPay payment issues and easy onboarding to earn Salad Balance.

Unlock Microtransactions

Transaction Amount SaladPay Fee
$0.10 $0.01
$0.50 $0.05
$1.00 $0.10
$5.00 $0.50
$10.00 $1.00
$20.00 $1.50

No Per-Transaction Fee
Unlike most payment processors that charge $0.30 for every transaction, SaladPay does not require a credit card and has no fixed transaction fee.

No Minimums
SaladPay supports any transaction amount with no minimums, allowing vendors to remove low-cost purchase restrictions.

Simple Fee Structure
10% below $10 USD +5% above $10 USD Similar to the AppStore, Salad pools purchases and makes $100 lump payments with detailed sales reporting.

No Chargebacks!
Salad acts as the custodian for all money spent through SaladPay, with no credit cards there are no Chargebacks! Salad users understand and accept this: all sales are final.