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10 Dec 2019
How Does Mining With Salad Affect Your PC?

The world of cryptomining can daunt newcomers, after all — those of us with hardware capable of mining have invested a lot of time, money, and love into our rigs, and wouldn’t dare risk our PC’s health for anything, even extra income. Our mission at Salad is to demystify and simplify mining for would-be adopters.

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11 Feb 2019
A Gamer's Guide to Blockchain and Crypto

Not so long ago, we explained what your computer is really worth, and we touched on how the Salad application taps into the idle computing power of a gaming PC. In this guide, we want to shed some light on the technology that makes all this possible: the Ethereum blockchain network.

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26 Feb 2019
Does Mining for Cryptocurrency Damage My GPU?

Cryptocurrency and gaming are two industries that, at a glance, seem to bear little relation to one another. However, cryptominers and gamers have been forced into a somewhat ambivalent relationship due to shared demand for a certain piece of hardware: the GPU.

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